Mariana is discovering the truth about the death of his father he lost in his early childhood.

After more than 30 years, she is close to her uncle, who was in charge of recognizing the body in a makeshift morgue in a police station in the Buenos Aires suburbs, and begins to ask questions.

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Mariana has no memory of John, no feeling of having lived at  his side. After knowing that he has been murdered, she will be compelled to undertake a long interior journey reviewing his own childhood in the years after this death and questioning the family silence and the complicity with the concealment of the immediate social environment.In this way visit to part of his father's family which had lost all contact from his childhood and also some companions of militancy of his father. Discover that John had been spied by the Police Direction of intelligence for a long time, and then finally outline a committed labour activist.

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This tour invites her to not only question, the concealment of the true circumstances of the death of his father, but also the silencing of his figure by the closest people that she grew up. Many questions ensue then related the small complicities of everyday life in the years 70', some rooted in the pain of the loss, others in the rejection by the social origin of his dad and his militant activity.

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Complicity and silence which involved not only the distortion on the death, but also the disappearance of his father in the story of all. Beach at sea, the place of origin of John  and the place in which she lived part of his childhood, becomes the stage from where she will seek to express the feelings that causes it this intense travel.
Different are the loose ends that forty years not to let you know everything that she would like on his death. In spite of this, this trip has opened the way to unearth a father who, blurred for so many years, had never been sense as own.

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The Father